How to Walk on Water

How to walk on Water. Pentecost 10A, Mt.14

From “Suzanne” by Leonard Cohen.

“And Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the water.

and he spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower.

And when he knew for certain only drowning ones. Ones could see him,

He said all men shall be sailors then until the sea shall free them.

But he himself was broken long before the sky would open,

Forsaken almost human, he sand beneath your wisdom like a stone.

And you want to travel with him and you want to travel blind.

And you thing maybe you’ll trust him ’cause he touched your perfect

Body with his mind”

Jesus continues to take time to watch and listen and to ask the question, “How do I serve God?” or as Mary Oliver asks, “What will you do with your one precious life.” The answer is to give himself totally for the love of the world. For the breaking open of time, history, politics, religion, economies and law from an entirely new perspective. To see and be in the world with the mind and heart the ABBA God he trust who loves Him.

“He spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower.” He was among those truly enlightened wisdom masters who saw beyond the boundaries of the systems of men’s devising into a realm He called the Kingdom of God. He said to those who were drowning under the weight of these systems, “Have Love, Don’t Panic, and Keep the Faith. He would not let the systems define him, only as Jesus of Nazareth. Too parochial, what others have called the scandal of the particular. While this is our first understanding of the divine, to see the divine in a person or a leaf or a sunset, this one called Jesus would have lay aside this earthly title and become the in dwelling love of God in all time and creation. He had to return to his nature as the Christ.

“And only drowning ones could see him, he said all men shall be sailors then until the sea shall free them” Peter is beginning to understand the divine call. He and his brothers are scared that this being walking on the waves is a ghost or a magician. Not yet the Beloved One for all time and space.

As the crew battles the waves, Peter asks Jesus, “If you are who you say you are, tell me to walk on the water and I will come to you.” And Jesus says, “come”. And Peter leaps from the boat and walks on the waves for how many steps we do not know. He walks on the water! Come you can do it. You can become my faith, my love, my heart and mind. Peter leaps from his boat when he is called from his nets on the shore of the Lake and also when he returns from his fishing and sees Jesus on the shore. This time, he panics, is the drowning man, his hope is lost, and Jesus lifts him from the waves.

When were we woman and man like Peter?

And Jesus now is changing. He is not the infant in Bethlehem, or the teacher in Capernaum, or the healer. He is the divine presence in the midst of the storm, the self-emptying of God, emptying Himself and becoming one with the waves.

So maybe you will trust him “cause He’s touched your perfect body with his mind.

It’s likely that the deepest truth of life is that that in our drowning we are lifted out of our fear and suffering into the arms of a loving God. That kind of vulnerability is probably the ground of faith.

Jesus had to be broken before the skies would open. He sank between our wisdom like a stone. Jesus was too advanced. The world is not ready for a loving God and for those teachers of that way of seeing creation. The world and the universe are to the creative life-bringers true and good and beautiful. The systems of the world, our politics, our law enforcement, our economy even our religions mostly show a compassion for the poor, the Black person, the mentally ill, the outsiders, the drowning ones only if it is profitable and makes them look good.

The systems can’t really stand or understand that kind of self-emptying love. Neither can the brain can’t imagine a universe of loving kindness and forgiveness for the drowning ones.

And you want to travel with him and you want to travel blind, ’cause he’s touched your perfect body with his mind. And so we kin of Peter, still jump out of the boat and rush to this Christ who touches us and lifts us from the deep with arms of love. And we have said, “Truly this One is the Son of God”.

With him we can be love, be bread for the world in mercy broken. We can infuse our hearts and our systems with true unconditional love, with restorative justice for all beings. Shall we leap?