2nd Epiphany, Year C.

Epiphany 2 , Year C. Cana wine

I don’t recommend drinking the Cana wine they sell in the shops in Cana in Galilee. There is a picture of me outside the shop after a few days of jet lag and touring in Israel and Palestine. That morning my plaid shirt was buttoned unevenly and the shot pictured me looking disheveled in front of the shop that announced Cana wine.

I was discouraged. I thought it would be some of the best wine I ever tasted. It wasn’t. It was watered down and sour. A glass of water would have been better, or a cup of Jerusalem coffee, thick and dark.

When is the time right

to turn water to wine?

Is it when the young man

Understands when his widowed mother

Ceases to need his protection

And he must risk his life?

His mother knew.

She watched the holy; dancing

And ready to be born in the man.

It was time for him to take off his sandals

And his shirt

And crush the grapes

That will return joy to the feast

And provide enough left over

For an eternal celebration.

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